Sabahat Rafiq

Founder, President and Executive Director of United We REACH

Sabahat Rafiq is the Founder, President and Executive Director of United We REACH, a global charitable organization which aids underprivileged children in underserved demographics worldwide. Her current work focuses on equity literacy and use of technology to create scalable low cost and high quality education system for underprivileged children. Ms. Sabahat Rafiq started her career as an investment banker in Lahore specializing in Islamic banking. Among other projects, she worked on raising shariah complaint funds for development projects in Pakistan.  After migration to USA in early nineties, Ms. Rafiq worked as management consultant and also investment banking advisor. She help complete several major deals reaching into 100’s of millions$. She is a successful entrepreneur as well. She help start and sold several businesses in merchandising, semi-conductors and software in USA, India, China and Pakistan. Ms. Rafiq had been active in non-profits for the last fifteen years. Her focus was on civil liberties, inter faith and education. In her civil liberties work, she has been a frequent speaker around the country talking about NDA and related regulations. She was an elected delegate for the Democratic Party in her district in 2012. In her inter faith work, Ms.Rafiq is a noted speaker in churches and Synagogues – talking about various similarities and differences in Ibrahimic religions. She is member of President Council in United Religions Initiative (URI), an international nonprofit inter faith organization, which serves more than 80 countries. In the last five years, her main focus has been education of the very poor. She co-founded and serves as President and Executive Director of United We REACH, an international nonprofit, which provides scholarship to 1000’s of poor kids in Africa, supports orphan kid education programs, and provides scholarships to 100s of poor yet very high performing engineering and medical students. However, the major focus of United We REACH is their work in Pakistan, where they are building a complete curriculum and software system, which works with existing schools and teachers, to improve the quality of student learning through use of advanced technology. She also serves on the board of Central Asian Institute, a well-known non-profit, which operates 1000’s of schools in Pakistan, Afghanistan and several central Asian states.