Kishore Kumar Rao

Founder & CEO, TeleVital Group

Kishore Kumar Rao is the Founder and CEO of TeleVital which was founded in Silicon Valley and subsequently expanded in India with a noble vision to build and deploy innovative IT platforms and solutions for telemedicine and digital learning segments. Prestigious customers such as NASA, Indian Space Research Organization, TCIL, Karnataka State Government, Indian Institute of Science, and many universities in USA, India and Japan have used TeleVital’s solutions. ISRO and Karnataka Government are using TeleVital’s technology to provide telemedicine services from 35 Super Specialty Hospitals to 300+ remote locations.¬†With TCIL, TeleVital links 12 hospitals in India with 44 countries in Africa.
Prior to TeleVital, Kishore was a software architect at Sun Microsystems for more than a decade and prior to that he was the Technical Director and Co-founder at Pragati Computers in Pondicherry.